Our Mission

JDS Therapeutics seeks to optimize human health and wellness through the rigorous study and development of natural, bioactive substances.

JDS THERAPEUTICS discovers, develops and commercializes natural, bioactive substances that improve human health and wellness. Our innovative research has resulted in more than 100 issued and pending patents on natural compounds. What makes JDS THERAPEUTICS unique is that we approach the development and commercialization of these compounds with the same scientific rigor and investigative approach as traditional pharmaceutical products.

JDS THERAPEUTICS has two business units through which we market and distribute the products we develop: Bonafide and Nutrition 21.


In November 2011, a team led by pharmaceutical entrepreneurs, Phillip and Michael Satow, purchased the assets of Nutrition 21, a leader in the nutritional supplements industry. The vision of the new management team was to accelerate the launches of exciting products in the nutritional supplement space, seek out new business development opportunities, and leverage cutting edge, go-to-market tactics to drive significant growth.

The new management significantly grew Nutrition 21’s legacy ingredient business and leveraged it as a platform for the creation of JDS THERAPEUTICS. Through its second commercial arm, Bonafide, JDS THERAPEUTICS has been developing its intellectual property into a number of exciting products, including multiple new drugs and healthcare supplements.