Health and Wellness is transforming— and so are we. JDS Women’s Health is focused on providing evidence-based, natural solutions to help women and the health care professionals they trust. With a nationwide footprint of healthcare representatives consulting with medical professionals everyday, JDS Women’s Health is pioneering a new way of commercializing the highest quality supplements clinically targeted to address unmet healthcare needs and maintain total wellbeing and improved quality of life.

JDS Women’s Health currently has two products on the market: Relizen® for hot flashes and Serenol™ for the emotional symptoms of PMS. The R&D pipeline spans an exciting array of additional natural and bioactive compounds that promote women’s health and wellness.

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Nutrition 21 is our ingredient subsidiary that develops and markets proprietary, clinically substantiated ingredients for dietary supplements, medical foods, nutritional bars, and beverages.

Nutrition 21 conducts human clinical trials that support the optimization of human (i.e. performance) and health using safe, bioactive ingredients that our team discovers, creates, and patents. Nutrition 21 sells these patented ingredients to more than 100 major pharmaceutical, food, and supplement companies worldwide where they are used in thousands of successful brands.

The Nutrition 21 portfolio currently includes Nitrosigine®, Chromax®, Velositol® and other ingredients, in addition to to a robust pipeline of new products set to roll out soon.

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